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About Elvis E

From Nigeria to the Netherlands

Elvis E as a little boy would play his keyboard for more than eight hours a day. His mother was not happy about that as she believed her son could have spent a little more time studying his school work. But Elvis E only wanted to play the piano as he derived great pleasure from playing the keyboard. His mother eventually had to hide his Keyboard adapter so that Elvis E would shift his focus on other things, particularly studying his books. That action by his mother was without success, because Elvis E immediately procured a new Keyboard adapter. That shows how passionate Elvis E was about playing his Keyboard while growing up in Benin City in Nigeria. His love for music has never diminished, instead, it kept developing.

When Elvis E was only four years old, his older sister introduced him to the music world. He started out as a drummer in church, but fell completely in love with the piano when his older brother began to teach him how to play the keyboard. Elvis E also sang in the church choir. These experiences were his springboard to a glittering musical career. 

Later Elvis E became a producer at a large studio in Lagos. He collaborated with renowned gospel artists. In addition, Elvis E himself played weekly in a large church: 'House on the Rock Church, Lagos, Nigeria.' Elvis E continued to make full use of his musical talent. In 2004 he was sent to The Netherlands by his church for the work of the music ministry. He started with a Dutch evangelism project for the establishment of the 'House on the Rock' church in Almere.

Soon Elvis E felt at home in The Netherlands. He worked for the church with great passion. He met his wife, they got married and they are blessed with four children. Elvis E started his own production company with the name; "Ediasproduction."

As a producer and as an artist, Elvis E has already worked with established Dutch names, such as Dwight Dissels, Ruth Jacott, Berget Lewis and Shirma Rouse. As a solo artist, Elvis E is also largely known in The Netherlands, Africa, America, Canada and Spain.

Elvis E is always very busy with his music engagement around the world. As a singer, music director, arranger and producer. From large church services to festivals and from choir coachings to TV shows.

Elvis E released three albums: Prayer (2011), Victorious (2019) and Undeniable Love (2023). He also made several singles and is continuously working on new material. His goal is connecting people and making hearts complete again with his powerful music, positive attitude to life and broad smile. He is doing a great job with his music career.

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